Promoting Math Education in Ghana

About MISE

MISE is an academic enrichment program for students with a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for mathematics. We offer a variety of programs designed to identify, develop and connect talented young mathematicians. Our alumni have received recognition for their achievements, and have gone on to win prestigious scholarships to some of the world’s leading institutions and programs.

If you are a parent or teacher of a very bright math student (grade 8-10), please sign up here to be notified when the application for the #MISE2023 becomes available. New schools and teachers may also register here to enable their students to participate in the program. As a non-profit organization, MISE has dedicated its work to advance the education of talented young mathematicians. This work is only possible because of our partnership with ambitious and forward-thinking individuals and organizations. Become a partner today!


The MISE Olympiad Program is an annual problem-solving tournament designed to select and prepare talented high school mathematicians for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

The Program consists of two rounds of elimination tournaments and a national final championship.

Ultimately, the top scoring candidates will win the opportunity to represent Ghana at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Round 1: Qualifying Tournament (November 2022)

  • A 50-minute online exam available to any high school student (Grades 8 to 10).
  • Structured as multiple-choice questions.

Round 2: Invitational Tournament (February 2023)

  • A 120-minute in-person exam taken by top-scoring students in the qualifying round.
  • Structured as short-answer questions.

Round 3: Ghana Mathematical Olympiad (July 2023)

  • Held over a 12-day period and attended by students with the top 12 scores on the Semifinal Exam.
  • Structured as a proof-based exam.


To be eligible for MISE 2023, students must be in Grade 8- 10 and not older than 16 years on 31st December 2022.

If you meet the criteria above, then we welcome you to fill out the online application form below.


The MISE Research Program is designed to introduce intellectually curious high school mathematicians to cutting-edge research projects in Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Guided by leading scientists and doctoral scholars, students conduct cutting-edge research in areas such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology.

At the end of the program, students present their research in both oral and written reports with the most outstanding winning the opportunity to showcase their research at prestigious international science and engineering conferences.

Computer Science

To prepare students for the MISE Research Program, MISE holds an Introduction to Programming course. Follow this link for the syllabus and materials from the last iteration of this program, which was held in the Summer of 2023.